Estimate Your Hospital Bill

你打算在约翰霍普金斯医院接受治疗吗? We want to make the cost of your care easy to understand. 我们的价格透明计划旨在帮助您了解和计划您的医疗保健费用.

我们的在线费用估算工具(提供英语和西班牙语版本)可帮助您估算在我们的六家医院进行住院或门诊护理的医院费用. Estimates are available for 300 services and procedures.

The estimate is for hospital fees only, and it is good for 30 days. 住院费包括住宿费和医疗用品费. This is not a complete estimate of your care cost.

The estimate does not include physician or provider fees, or the cost of medication, medical equipment and homecare services. 您的实际收费可能与预估收费不同. 这取决于您接受的服务和您的保险计划所提供的保险范围。.

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Create Your Hospital Bill Estimate

  • How to Use the Tool

    Step-by-step instructions for getting your estimate.

  • Start Your Estimate

    Current patients may log in through MyChart. 如果你没有MyChart帐户,你可以创建一个“客人估计”.”

  • Tool FAQs

    Have questions? 了解有关该工具的更多信息,并获取联系信息以请求帮助.

How to Use the Estimate Tool

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  1. Select your service or procedure
    MyChart用户可以点击进入MyChart界面. 如果您没有MyChart帐户,请继续使用客人估计. 接下来,从医疗服务列表中选择,搜索关键字或输入程序代码. You can request the code from your care provider.

  2. 选择您的保险公司,或者在没有保险信息的情况下继续.
    从我们的列表中选择,如果您的供应商没有列出,请输入您的福利信息. If you logged in through MyChart, 您的保险信息将自动从您的账户中提取. You can also proceed without insurance. 约翰霍普金斯医学院致力于帮助推荐十大正规网赌平台得到他们需要的护理. 如果你觉得你需要经济援助,请浏览我们的 financial assistance policies before seeking care.
    Selections for different insurances shown.

  3. Select your hospital.
    Available services may vary by location. 约翰·霍普金斯医院提供的某些住院和门诊服务可获得估计数, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Howard Country Medical Center, Sibley Memorial Hospital, 佛罗里达的郊区医院和约翰霍普金斯儿童医院.

  4. View your estimate.
    您的预估显示了您在支付保险金后所欠的医院费用金额. You can choose to print the estimate or email it to yourself.

  5. Repeat the steps as needed.
    如果需要对多个服务进行估计,请对每个服务重复上述步骤. Combined estimates are not available.

Frequently Asked Questions